She belong to the dance company “Monochrome Circus” that is based in Kyoto since 2007. Later, she gained experience in many stages in Japan and abroad as a main dancer of the company. Major works are “SI Dance Festival 2009”(Korea),“Setouchi international Biennale 2010”,”Full Moon Dance Festival 2011”(Finland),and also she participated as dancer in residence of CCNC in France(2009~2011) etc.
And she worked with Didier Theron from France choreographed “HARAKIRI”(2012,Kyoto), Jung Young Doo from Korea choreographed ”Karasu and Kasasagi”(2014,Fukuoka) etc.
Also as individual, she choreographed own solo piece ”Species”(2012) and performed in Kyoto Art Center and “Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival 2015”. She has done active co-production and improvised performance with musicians in various places as well. Major co-production is “Scales of Mermaid Japan Tour”(2011~2014) performed in Kyoto, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Miyazaki, Kagoshima in Japan.
In addition, she has a lot of teaching experience of contact and contemporary dance in some workshops and education field in Japan.
In addition, she is working as organizer of “Goda-prpject (Goda-Kikaku)” and “Kyoto international dance workshop festival” for spread activety of contemporary dance in Japan.

07年よりMonochrome Circusに参加。福岡県出身。2007年よりMonochrome Circusの活動に参加。以降、カンパニーの主要ダンサーとして、『掌編ダンス集』『直島劇場』『TROPE』や、フランス、韓国、フィンランドのフェスティバルへの出演など、国内外問わず多くの舞台に立ち経験を積む。他に、ディディエ・テロン(仏)振付『HARAKIRI』、チョン・ヨンドゥ(韓)振付『カラスとカササギ』などに出演。また、2012年より、シンガーソングライター・深水郁との共同製作プロジェクト『人魚の鱗』シリーズを京都、東京、九州各地で上演。同年ソロ作品『Species』をDance Environment Project(京都)で発表、以降同作のリメイク版を「P_O_O_L」(13’)公演、福岡ダンスフリンジフェスティバル(15’)で上演するなど個人での活動も展開。