Slavomir Stanislaw Kowalewski (Slavek) is an award-winning Polish composer and pianist based in Tokyo. His work on major film and broadcast productions includes original scores for NHK, Fuji Television, TV Tokyo, and TBS networks, as well as Japan’s top pop act, AKB48, and covers a wide range of musical genre, ranging from full classical orchestral scores to Japanese traditional, piano solo, jazz, electronic, minimal, and avant-garde.

Slavek began playing piano at five, but his family’s move from Communist Poland to Western Germany when he was ten was the key factor in expanding his musical horizons beyond the conventional: Slavek played in bands (alternating guitar, drums, and bass), studied the sitar from Shalil Shankar, and produced punk albums, all while continuing to win prizes for his piano playing. On the strength of a single audition, he was accepted into the Conservatory van Amsterdam, where he received a rigorous education in classical music under the tutelage of the great pianist Håkon Austbø. Later, he went on to study counterpoint, orchestration, and scoring for film, from multiple-award-winning composer Jurre Haanstra.

Slavek’s original score for Edmund Yeo’s “Kingyo” was celebrated at the Venice Bianalle in 2009; and in 2013 the Brooklyn Film Festival honored him with the award for best score for his inventive work on the quirky sci-fi feature “Sado Tempest.” Both of these projects are ideal examples of Slavek’s skill at synthesizing cross-cultural hybrids, moving freely between classical and contemporary modes, and fusing organic and electronic textures.

Slavek is repped in Japan by major agency Legato Music, and his productions and recordings exceed the highest international standards.


スワベックは5歳でピアノを始めた。10歳の頃に共産主義支配下のポーランドから西ドイツに家族とともに移住したことによって、彼の音楽的視野は大きく広がった。ピアノ演奏にていくつかの受賞を果たす一方で、ギター、ドラム、バスなどのバンド演奏に取り組み、Shalil Shankarからシタールの演奏を学び、パンク・アルバムをプロデュースするなど、様々な活動を開始。オーディションに合格したことによってアムステルダム音楽大学に入学し、ピアニストHåkon Austbøから古典ピアノ演奏の厳しい訓練を受けた。その後は同音楽院にて、数々の受賞歴をもつ作曲家Jurre Haanstraのもと、映画音楽のための作曲とオーケストレーションを学んだ。

Edmund Yeo監督の短編映画「金魚」のために手がけた音楽は、2009年のヴェネツィア・ビエンナーレで称賛され、2013年のプルックリン映画祭では、SF映画「佐渡テンペスト」のために手がけた独創的な作曲によって、最優秀音楽賞を受賞。彼はこのように、古典から現代の様式を自由に展開させ、エレクトロニックや有機的なテクスチャーを融合するという能力をもつ。